SAS Sponsorship Agreement

As a Sponsor Business of the Southwest Aquarist Society the Sponsor Business agrees to:

  • Allow a 5%-15% discount to current Members in Good Standing of SAS (Sponsor’s choice). Sponsor must make clear what the discount covers so there is no confusion when SAS posts it for the members to see

  • Make contributions of goods, livestock, and/or services to SAS for use as club promotions (Sponsor’s choice). We appreciate what the Sponsor wants to donate to us to use in auctions, raffles, etc.

  • Display SAS flyers to help attract members. SAS will supply the flyers and point of purchase

As a general aquarium club, SAS will offer opportunities for the Sponsor Business to:

  • · Be added to the SAS-MIGS (Paid Members in Good Standing) Facebook page

  • · Publish up to one (1) advertisement per week on the SAS-MIGS Facebook page

  • · Make a 10 - 15 minute presentation at a general meeting, or offer some other method to make personal contact with our club members as approved by the Sponsor Committee

In an effort to have more personal relationships with our Sponsors, SAS will select certain Society members to act as liaisons to specific businesses. These liaisons are responsible for contacting the Sponsors and recruiting new ones on a regular basis to let them know upcoming events and that we appreciate their support.

Please fill out form below to become a sponsor.